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Our Club

Adelaide Phoenix Dragon Boat Club trains in Adelaide, but competes Australia wide and internationally. Established in 2009, the club has experienced a high degree of competitive success in Open (under 40) and Senior A (40-50) age categories. We train and race hard, but our membership is diverse. Regardless of age, fitness level and experience we aim to create a balance between high level competition and accessibility for all to the sport that we love. 

The social aspect of our club is also an important part of who we are. We train and race hard on the water, but continue to build our team off the water. We enjoy sharing a drink, off water training and travelling wherever our various competitions are being held (which has included Hong Kong, Italy and just about every state of Australia!) Our members know that a strong club off water means a stronger club on the water.

In East-Asian culture the Fenghuang (Phoenix) reigns over other birds and is paired with the dragon. Together they represent a balance, from which the strength and virtue flow. Adelaide Phoenix Dragon Boat Club has adopted the expression 'Rise of the Phoenix' as a mantra for the continuing cycle of rebirth and rebuilding. In mythology the phoenix will only stay where there is just rule and is a symbol of great power, prosperity and grace.

Training Information 


So you're keen to take up the challenge and come to a training session? Don't worry about skill level, fitness or experience. We've all been beginners at one stage or another and will make sure you are looked after.

Our club trains Monday and Thursday 6.10-7.30pm. We also train on Saturdays 8.40-10.00am. We train from the Dragon Boat SA shed, located at Aquatic Reserve on Bower Road at West Lakes (a map is below).

For more details about how, when and what to bring click HERE

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